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The Future DeFi and Gaming Ecosystem

An all things DeFi Product with features like lending and borrowing and a frictionless broker-buyer type marketplace.
The first DeFi product with a leveraging feature and the first to support the use of whitelisted NFTs as collateral.
A Hybrid gaming ecosystem which utilizes NFT game assets, enables the seamless integration of conventional games on the blockchain.

Optimus Chain

 Layer 2 connector for non-blockchain gaming platforms.
 Blockchain bridge for conventional gaming platforms.

Hephaestus Workshop

 All-in-one marketplace and factory for Game Assets and NFTs.
 Trade game assets freely, assets value pegged to price-demand curves.
 Create custom assets in few easy steps.
 Operate custom decentralized mini-kiosks.

The Tournament

 Annual Tournament, bringing gamers from all over to compete for great winnings.
 First of its kind, virtual gaming room. Users can deploy tournament contracts and invite players globally.
 Multiple decentralized games, allowing players from all over to compete.

Block of Fame

 First true Blockchain hall of fame. Value backed ranking for Famers.
 A custodian voting mechanism for Famer assets.

Treasure Island

 Home of the Cyclops brothers.
 Decentralized treasure hunt adventure, with actual treasures to collect.
 Long-forgotten treasures to be found

DeBank Protocol

 Decentralized Lending and Borrowing protocol with great APY and APR respectively.
 Support the use of NFTs as collateral for loans.
 As low as zero interest rate on loans backed by CYTR and NFTs.
 Leveraging mechanism for CYTR, users enjoy lower interest rates across all assets.

Native/Governance Token

Cyclops Game platform operate on its native token CYTR
 Token name: Cyclops Treasure
 Token Ticker: CYTR
 Token Contract: 0xbd05cee...c7bf
 Total supply: 1000
 Current price (by Coingecko):
Daily price chart

Native/Rewards Token

CYCR token is Cyclops Game’s rewards currency.
 Token name: CYCR
 Token Ticker: CYCR
 Token Contract: 0x22b858C...9de6
 Total supply: 16000

Development plans

Core development, ongoing, through 2021

Development of Optimus Chain is in two phases.

Phase one: Built on the Ethereum network. Optimus Chain will facilitate the easy hybridization of conventional games. It will serve as a layer 2 solution for game development. Interaction of gaming applications with the Ethereum network will result, this will allow game developers to semi-decentralized game platform and assets even while game application is off-chain.

Phase two: At this stage, Optimus Chain would evolve into it’s own blockchain and as such, a layer 2 connector with layer 2 sub-networks. Cyclops Game intend to use a hybrid of Directed acyclic graph (DAG) and blockchain technologies to develop a fast, highly scalable, cost effective gaming solution.

Optimus Chain phase 1 will continue to be developed concurrently with a few of the features that are being developed

Hephaestus Workshop 1.0 is live, with the trading of game assets. Development of version 2.0 is ongoing with rollout planned on March-April 2021

Hephaestus workshop is Cyclops Games all-in-one Asset Marketplace and Factory. Users can do the following: Trade valuable nonspeculative game assets. They are nonspeculative because these assets have their prices pegged to a price-demand curve. This makes the value of these assets dependent on the demand for them.

Creation and deployment of custom NFT game assets in few easy steps. This is also one of the main features of Hephaestus workshop. By using Cyclops Game native token (CYTR), any user of Hephaestus workshop will be able to deploy theirs.

Another important feature is the ability for users to create their own asset stores and trade their custom assets.

Version 2.0 will include the Factory functionality and also the store creation feature. Version 2.0 deployment planned for Jan. 2021.

The Tournament is in development, with aim to release first version in Q1 2021 with focus on the upcoming Tournament. The Info and signup page will be released in March 2021

The Tournament is a yearly gaming competition organized by Cyclops game, it is designed to bring gamers from all over together to compete virtually. The first ever Tournament will hold in early 2021 and will be hosted on Cyclops Game platform. Some of the games that will be part of the event are a PVP fighting game, a human chess game and a creature race.

The Tournament is also is an app that is an integral part of the Cyclops Game platform. It is subsection of the platform where game deployed can be browsed and played. On the Tournament app, users will also be able to deploy game contracts anytime and invite user to join to compete.

The Block of Fame design has been finalized. Development will begin soon and will be deployed in February 2021

The first true, value backed Block of Fame will be deployed on the Cyclops Game platform. This allows the greatest of the greatest to be represented and ranked based on their contribution to the blockchain evolution. Their contribution will be ranked by a value metrics. There will also be a voting and a custodian mechanism that governs its operations.

Design of the treasure island is ongoing and will continue through Q1 2021.

Though the full adventure may not be ready before the tournament, the PVP fighting game in which the characters of the treasure island are used will be deployed

The most important inbuilt game that will be seen and can be played on the Cyclops game platform is Treasure Island. It is an adventure game where players hunt/search for actual tressures. Every level completed by a player request to some amount of reward paid to the player. For players to play, a player will have to first buy a game character, weapons, passages access and creatures. With this, the quest begins.

Optimal design for the staking mechanism is been finalized on. The first asset staking mechanism will be deployed February 2021

This phase will be part of The Tournament app. Owners of assets will be able to stake assets thereby making them available for the Tournament.

Game mechanism is such that the availability of characters of game on the game is dependent on how many of that same character exist on the blockchain. The owner of such game asset has to make the asset available by staking the assets on the blockchain layer. Assets staked are then made available on the game layer.

The mobile wallet development will begin in Q1 2021, and will be launched in Q2 2021 at the latest

Cyclops Game’s goal is to provide its users with the best universal solutions for asset management and storage. In this light, we will be launching our own mobile wallet app, it will be designed to be the most NFT asset friendly wallet. It will support easy in-wallet transfers and also asset swapping. It will have features like asset performance and ranking on leader boards.

Team members

Shola Otitoju  
CEO and Co-Founder
Allaa Alhasan  
Tech Advisor and Story developer
We are hiring
Game designers and Story developers


 As we keep striving to expand the team, Cyclops Game have been working with several blockchain developers, game developers, and Assets’ designers. These entities and/or individuals are expert contractors in their respective fields.
 We will continue to work with experienced individuals in order to deliver our promise to the community.


 Cyclops Game has entered a strategic partnership agreement with NULS, an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform.
 To complement platform operations on the Ethereum network, Cyclops game will leverage NULS’s and NerveNerwork’s blockchain solutions to develop cross-chain interoperability.

Platforms and Exchanges

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